Virtual private cloud

The Seven Bridges Platform can be run entirely in the cloud. This provides you with compute and storage resources that dynamically scale up, as your analyses require.

We partner with leading cloud providers to offer maximum flexibility for implementation. We deploy the Platform on these public clouds to analyze data already stored there and to draw on their differing feature sets, geographies, and compliance standards. Bring tools and research questions to the data, wherever you choose to store it.

Learn more about the benefits of running the Platform on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Unlike traditional hard drive storage, data stored on our Platform deployed on Google Cloud or AWS has a guaranteed durability of over 99.999 percent. This means that for every 10,000 files stored on Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3, the expected rate of loss is one file per 10,000,000 years.

Local deployment

The Platform can also be run locally, in almost any high performance computing environment. Like our virtual private cloud, local deployments are designed to meet the same security standards, and are appropriate for handling data with unique compliance requirements. Contact our deployment engineering team to discuss your particular requirements.

Hybrid cloud

There is also a middle way: a hybrid cloud deployment. The Seven Bridges Platform enables the use of hybrid clouds: analyze some data locally but take advantage of powerful compute resources in the cloud when needed. Or send out time-critical tasks when your own infrastructure is overtasked. The Platform remains the same so you can work in a familiar environment across different infrastructures. Moving tools and pipelines between locations is made easy through the Common Workflow Language we have helped to develop.

Our team can design and manage a hybrid deployment of the Seven Bridges Platform that meets your needs. Contact us to find out more.