Users of the Seven Bridges Platform on Google Cloud can take advantage of the resources offered by one of the world’s leading providers of cloud computing services on the same infrastructure that powers the Google search engine. Researchers who choose to store genomic and other data on Google Cloud can avoid costly and time-consuming data transfer by also using the Seven Bridges Platform on Google. They can also access Google-hosted public data from the 1,000 Genomes Project and MSSNG data for autism researchers.

Google Cloud offers virtual machine instances with configurable storage and per-minute billing, meaning that researchers only need to pay for the storage and computational time that they use. As always, all computation cost is passed directly to the user, at no markup.


Users of the Seven Bridges Platform are never locked to any particular infrastructure, be it cloud, local, or hybrid. Our extensive support and development of the Common Workflow Language means that the pipelines you create can be easily moved between your local infrastructure and the cloud, facilitating collaboration, discovery and reproducibility. For example, you can build a workflow on your laptop and then immediately run it in the Seven Bridges Platform on Google Cloud. Users of the Seven Bridges Platform can immediately take their work to the most appropriate computational environment for the task at hand.