We are at the BioIT World Conference & Expo showcasing how we’re helping researchers do more with their biomedical data.

Visit our talk: “Microsatellite Instability & Tumor Heterogeneity”

Jack Digiovanna, PhD, GM, NGS Applications; Seven Bridges
& Isaac M. Neuhaus, PhD, Director, Computational Genomics; Bristol-Myers Squibb
May 16 · 2:55pm
Track 7: Next-Gen Sequencing Informatics: Advances in Large-Scale Computing

Microsatellite instability (MSI) can be a valuable predictor of response to immuno-oncology therapies. We have coupled MSI profiling with tumor heterogeneity inference from WES data using scalable and reproducible workflows implemented on the Seven Bridges Platform. We will showcase our initial results that demonstrate that this approach performs well when compared to standard clinical tests.

Best of Show: Spatial Transcriptomics Powered by Spotty

Today, we present an automated analytical method for spatial transcriptomics, where a complete transcriptomic analysis is possible within the full context of tissue morphology. Spatial Transcriptomics enables the construction of RNAseq libraries that are directly associated with histological imaging data.

Demultiplexing and deconvolution of the resulting data are not trivial tasks and manual registration of the RNAseq data and imaging data is prone to mistakes. Thus, an efficient automated solution improves data robustness, consistency, accuracy and scalability. Through integration of the Spatial Transcriptomics workflow with the Seven Bridges Platform, we now provide an end-to-end solution for the generation, processing, and interpretation of this novel and powerful data type.



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We’re at booth #426 discussing how we help researchers do more with their biomedical data. Come by to see how our tools open up massive biomedical datasets for exploration and put fully reproducible, scalable genomic analysis into the hands of anyone with an internet connection.

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