Seven Bridges ARIATM

Genomic and Phenotypic Analysis
at the 1M+ Participant Scale

Today’s Science. Tomorrow’s Medicine. 

Across the world, numerous initiatives are currently underway to collect massive repositories of genomic and phenotypic data. These data have the potential to reveal transformative insights into the underpinnings of disease, novel therapeutic approaches, and in silico disease models.

Seven Bridges ARIATM offers researchers a centralized solution for high throughput molecular and health data analysis at the million participant scale. The unprecedented scalability of the solution enables users to manage and create cohorts and apply complex statistical analyses of their choosing, all within a connected and secure ecosystem.

Building on the Seven Bridges Platform, ARIA provides users the ability to extend insights for downstream analyses. The Platform is a browser-based ecosystem for collaborative cloud computing that provides users with over 550 tools and workflows to conduct analyses from NGS processing to GWAS and beyond.


Figure 1: ARIA layers on top of the Seven Bridges Platform to create a powerful end-to-end experience.

Seven Bridges ARIA consists of:


  • Data Exploration and Query – Explore data sets to understand all the fields and select ones of interest for your team.
  • Annotation/Biological Context – Define, explore, and visualize variant annotations to accelerate research.
  • Robust & Flexible Algorithm – Leverage our pre-built tools or bring your own tools and workflows to perform sophisticated analysis, from association to colocalization and beyond.
    Flexible Algorithm – Leverage our pre-built tools or bring your own tools and workflows to perform sophisticated pre- and post- association analyses.
  • Data Management and Curation – Curate, harmonize, and integrate fields across modalities and datasets to establish a single source of truth.
  • Integration & Customization – Leverage your existing infrastructure and stay connected with our solution. Export insights obtained from our solution to your enterprise data warehouse and/or analytic solutions.
  • Security and Access Management – Seven Bridges adheres to stringent security and compliance measures. Clients can stay assured that their data is safe and secure at all times.


Seven Bridges also offers deep bench population genomic expertise from detailed quality analysis to data harmonization and optimization analysis pipelines. Our Seven Bridges Professional Services and Consultative provide clients the end-to-end support they need to manage their genomic and phenotypic data ecosystem.

Why Seven Bridges ARIA?

Accelerate Speed to Insight – Iterative data ingestion and the ability to use familiar interfaces enables researchers to draw insights from data in weeks.

  • Expedite time to value by working with phenotypic data fields.
  • Phenotype information is stored in a flexible and dynamic manner, allowing rapid exploration and selection of cohorts based on complex, compound variables and records leveraging longitudinal data.
  • Schema standardization lays the groundwork for interoperability of genomic and clinical data housed in diverse geographical regions or between multiple entities.
  • Programmatic and customizable visual interfaces enable researchers with diverse backgrounds to maximize utility of data from feasibility study through complex association.
  • Robust workflow Software Development Kit (SDK) and interactive exploration allow complete control over downstream statistical analysis.

Realize the Million Genome Era – Unparalleled ability to query, store, and analyze rich genotypic and phenotypic data from millions of participants cost- and time effectively.

  • Standardized format and novel compression approach provides speed and opportunity for data federation across locals while preserving cost effectiveness.
  • Unprecedented ability to query, analyze and visualize genomic variant data at the scale required to identify meaningful associations across the genome.
  • Optimized support for multiple data modalities.
  • Robust framework for interpreting and integrating genetic variation in the context of 100s of annotation sources.
  • Variant data warehouse allows performant queries of whole genome data at scale to support aggregated visualizations and reports, direct programmatic interaction, and export for further analysis.

Get Connected – Integrate with additional datasets, annotation sources, and optimized computational tools in an interoperable ecosystem.

  • Support for client-specific data models — enables your researchers to use the standards they are familiar with.
  • Integrate diverse health data types and formats to provide a rich data exploration and analysis environment.
  • Code-mapping and harmonization improve ease of use for diverse users.
  • Suite of ETL processes allows rapid data ingestion and semi-automated data harmonization across different studies.

Highly Performant Data Search and Analysis

Figure 2. ARIA performance data example depicting typical times to perform common exploration and data preparation activities when preparing a GWAS study. 

ARIA users have seen outcomes such as decreased query times by 99.8%, reduced data ingestion times from days to hours – all while leveraging population scale datasets.

Usher in a new era of precision medicine with ARIA. Let’s make an impact together. Contact us today to get started.