More than 200 Workflows and Apps

The Seven Bridges Platform comes pre-loaded with more than 200 of the most commonly used bioinformatic applications, such as BWA/GATK, TopHat, the Picard suit, STAR, and more. These applications are optimized and configured for maximum speed, while maintaining accuracy. You can take any number of applications and, using our visual workflow editor or command-line tools, build a workflow to your exact specifications.


Software Development Kit

The Seven Bridges Platform is host to so many applications, in part due to our robust software development kit (SDK), which allows anyone to add their custom applications onto the platform. Our team of bioinformaticians and engineers can also help you deploy and optimize your application for running on Seven Bridges’ scalable infrastructure.

When you add your application to the Platform, you have the choice of keeping it private to your team exclusively or publishing it for use by the entire community of Seven Bridges users. For example, Cellular Research (a BD company) chose to use Seven Bridges as the delivery platform for their Precise™ assays analysis pipeline.


All the pipelines you build on the Seven Bridges Platform are also portable, meaning your work is not locked into any execution environment. We enable portability by way of the Common Workflow Language (CWL), which means you can download your pipelines (including every application version and parameter) and run it on any other infrastructure — from laptop to cluster to cloud. For more about our implementation of the CWL specification, see the open-source Rabix project.

In addition to individual applications, our team of bioinformaticians and engineers have built many compute-optimized wokflows for everything from whole genome and whole exome sequencing to RNA-Seq, transcriptome assembly, and targeted sequencing. These gold-standard workflows are continuously maintained by our team, and have already processed more than a petabyte of data. While these pipelines are ready-to-run, you can also modify them to suit the needs of a particular analysis.