Meet The Seven Bridges Team

With backgrounds in mathematics, genomics, computational biology, engineering, management, and beyond, our talented team is passionate about building fresh solutions to the most challenging problems in genomics and personalized medicine.

James Knight, Ph.D.

Director of Bioinformatics and Research Scientist

Yale University

Established in the summer of 2014, the Knight Lab holds a joint appointment with Yale’s Department of Genetics and the Yale Center for Genome Analysis. James’s focus in the Genetics department is the alignment, variant calling and annotation of exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing datasets, both for cohorts of research samples and for individual clinical samples. His focus for the YCGA is providing bioinformatics support to Yale (and non-Yale) investigators who utilize YCGA’s next-generation sequencing facility. Prior to his role at Yale, James was an R&D Fellow and Bioinformatics Director at 454 Life Sciences and CuraGen Corporation, and has been active in the bioinformatics field for the last 25 years.